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Young Leaders http://www.hoac.net/young-leaders/ Fri, 18 Dec 2015 11:00:13 +0000 http://www.hoac.net/?p=745 Continue Reading »]]> Young LeadersHOAC runs a young leaders course during the Easter holidays for those aged 14 – 17 to learn the skills required to work as an assistant at the Centre. This is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to gain the basic skills and progress towards instructor level.

Although having some experience is preferable it isn’t essential. Personal commitment, determination and the right attitude are more important. The course will focus on learning and development of water sport skills as well as introducing safety awareness, teaching techniques and group management.

The course is subsidised by HOAC and in return those selected will be required to commit some personal time to assist at the Centre upon successful completion of the course. They will also benefit from 1 years membership and 1 years free use of equipment to help practise and develop skills.

Young leaders who show the right attitude and enthusiasm will be invited to progress onto our exciting young leader graduate programme.

To add your name to the mailing list please email sally@hoac.net with your full name, postal address, date of birth and any experience in outdoor activities.

Applications for the next course will open on 1st January and close on the 29th January 2017.

Young Leaders Graduate Programme
This course gives young leaders the opportunity to become fully qualified instructors once they are 16. The course has been split into four specific water sport sections (sailing, windsurfing,  kayaking and sculling), allowing students to work towards becoming an instructor in their favourite water sport.

Training Programmes
These intensive 5 or 6 day programmes will run during the summer holidays. The courses will build on existing skills in an aim at getting the candidate to the entry level to become an instructor. Instructor Courses


Gift Vouchers http://www.hoac.net/gift-vouchers/ Tue, 01 Dec 2015 11:01:47 +0000 http://www.hoac.net/?p=747 Continue Reading »]]> IMGP1411

Gift vouchers make an ideal present, whether you are celebrating a special occasion or saying thank you, these vouchers have something to offer everyone.

Vouchers can be bought from as little as £5 or can be bought for the price of a course. Each voucher is valid for 12 months and can not be exchanged for cash.

To buy your Gift Vouchers please contact the centre.

2017 job vacancies now available http://www.hoac.net/2017-job-vacancies-now-available/ Wed, 09 Sep 2015 15:29:05 +0000 http://www.hoac.net/?p=1914 Continue Reading »]]> We have just started our recruitment drive for the 2017 season.

Over the next few weeks we will be advertising on various websites in search of new instructors to add to our returners from 2016.

We have two selection dates planned for November and hope to be able to choose the best candidates to join our team next season.

Visit our jobs section for more details

STOP High Speed Rail – HS2 http://www.hoac.net/stop-high-speed-rail-hs2/ Fri, 11 Apr 2014 09:07:12 +0000 http://www.hoac.net/?p=743 Continue Reading »]]> What is HS2 and why it must be stopped
  • This is a government proposal to run a high speed rail line from London Euston to Birmingham which will possibly save 15 – 20 minutes journey time.
  • Various estimates put the current cost around £50 billion which makes it an extraordinary proposal when the country is heavily in debt.
  • Existing trains provide a similar service at much lower carbon production ie it is not green or innovative.
  • It will devastate large areas of countryside and will be extremely noisy.



Please write to your MP at the House of Commons and let them know how you feel about this project. It will go ahead unless sufficient numbers of people stand up and say how crazy it is.


Save Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre


NO  business case
NO environmental case
NO money to pay for it
Let your MP know what you think 

The Government is currently consulting on its plans to build a High Speed Railway from London to Birmingham. This will cost a huge amount of money and devastate the countryside.

From our point of view this will mean the end of HOAC as the plans include a 13m high viaduct through the centre, draining and infilling the lake. There are large numbers of groups fighting this project and some of the arguments are listed below. For us the facts do not add up to justifying £50 billion especially when there are cuts everywhere and hospitals are being closed.
The only way to stop this going ahead is to make politicians aware of your views – they will be after your vote in a few years – so please take the trouble to write or e-mail as many MP’s as you can but especially your local MP. Hillingdon Council are also fighting HS2, not least because it will devastate Hillingdon with the disruption of very major building projects for the foreseeable future with no benefits to Hillingdon – you need to go to Birmingham or Euston to access the train! By the time new access roads and the railway have been built through much of Hillingdon’s green belt it will so degraded as to be vulnerable to developers.

Why Stop HS2
There is no business case
Costs exceed benefits: government assumes a growth in demand for rail travel several times higher than the industry forecasts: it will not solve the North South divide: it is entirely at the tax payers risk – private industry would not invest in such a project: HS1 to France was a financial failure so no lessons have been learned: there are better  alternatives – cheaper and quicker to implement which are more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable: it takes no account of the damage to local rail services and economies – see www.stophs2.org.

There is no environmental case
No environmental impact assessment has been carried out: it is not a low carbon solution – high speed demands high energy consumption: there is a huge environmental impact: it increases energy demand that cannot be met by renewable energy alone: it will reduce productive  farmland, impact flood plains and wildlife habitats (including SSSI sites): it will cause major noise pollution.

There is no money to pay for it.
Britain has serious financial problems – the money will need to be borrowed to pay for it: it is not considered a spending priority by most people living in Britain: it will suck investment from local rail and transport services: it will benefit very few people – it is targeted at the wealthier business user: it will commit future generations to massive subsidies and increased national dept.
More information available from www.stophs2.org and numerous other sites.
The deadline to have your say is July 2011 with a decision December 2011 – there is every indication that the government plan to go ahead regardless – so everyone must make their views heard.

www.parliament.co.uk for all MP’s addresses.

Key MP’s involved are :

  • Patrick Mcloughlin – Secretary of State for Transport
  • Baroness Kramer – Minister of State for Transport
  • Stephen Hammond – Paliamentary under-secretary of state for transport
  • Transport committee members – Mrs Louise Ellman; Steve baker; Tom Harris; Julie Hilling; Kelvin Hopkins; Kwasi Kwarteng; John Leech; paul Maynard; Gavin Shuker; Iain Stewart; Julian Sturdy

contact information

Patrick Mcloughlin:
Great Minster House, 33 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 4DR
Tel: 03003303000

Baroness Kramer:
House of Commons, London, SWA 0AA

Stephen Hammond:
House of Commons, London, SWA 0AA
Tel: 02072193401

Mrs Louise Ellman:
515 The Cotton Exchange Building, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9LQ

Tom Harris:
c/o Lesser Hampden, Somerville Drive, Mount Florida, Glasgow, G42 9BA

Ms Julie Hilling:
The Old Surgery, 108 Market Street, Westhoughton, BL5 3AZ
Tel: 01942 813468

Kelvin Hopkins:
3 Union Street, Luton, LU1 3AN

Mr Kwasi Kwarteng
Spelthorne Conservative Association, 55 Cherry Orchard, Staines, TW18 2SQ

John Leech:
8 Gawsworth Avenue, East Didsbury, Manchester, M20 5NF

Paul Maynard:
16 Queen Street, Blackpool, FY1 1PD

Gavin Shuker:
c/o Luton Labour Party, 3 Union Street, Luton, LU1 3AN
Tel: 01582 457774

Iain Stewart:
Suite 102, Milton Keynes Business Centre, Foxhunter Drive, Linford Wood, MK14 6GD
Tel: 01908 686830Fax: 01908 686831

Julian Sturdy:
York Conservatives, 1 Ash Street, York, YO26 4ZB
Tel: 01904 784847

Local MP’s are:
John Randall (Uxbridge/ South Ruislip):
John Randall MP
House of Commons
SW1A 0AATelephone: 020 7219 6885
Email: randallj@parliament.uk

Nick Hurd (Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner)
House of Commons
Westminster Office:
020 7219 1053
Constituency Office:
01923 822 876
email: hurdn@parliament.uk If this goes ahead it will not only be disastrous for HOAC and Hillingdon but the whole country which will be saddled with a hugely expensive white elephant, albeit a fast one!Below you will find two pre-written letters you can send to your local MPLetter to Nick HurdLetter to John Randall
Jeff Creak
Centre Principal